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Transport portals: The Future of Transportation?

What if you could use a portal to travel the globe without ever leaving the comfort of your home? Transport portals, or teleporters as they’re more commonly known now, are how we’ll be traveling in the future. Some say this is an idea that can’t be accomplished scientifically, but it is entirely possible with quantum physics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity! Join us as we discuss the possibilities of transport portals and what they might mean for our society.


Recently there have been some minor developments in the transport portal field.


The Transport Portal Company – based out of Dallas, Texas – recently developed a prototype machine to create these portals. They are currently working on obtaining funding from investors to produce more machines and make them available to the public soon. Once the product is complete, over twelve hundred transport portals will be available for use around the country.


This company works hand in hand with a research firm known as The Brightman Group.  Meanwhile, The Brightman Group focuses primarily on theoretical physics and quantum physics related to dimensional travel and teleportation. In September of this year, they published a fascinating paper titled “The Theory of Quantum Movement” that proposes the idea of using teleportation as a possible escape mechanism from black holes.

According to this theory, utilizing quantum teleportation may allow humans to “phase shift” out of the way of incoming gravitational forces, thus avoiding fatal impacts. It is interesting to note that according to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. However, according to the paper, a human being might be able to phase shift tighter than the speed of light due to a loophole in Relativity.

It is an exciting time for transport portals technology. Once complete and funded, travel will become as simple as walking through a portal. Just like grilling with a classic grill and using an offset smoker thermometer to determine the grilling temperature and make sure your meat is cooking properly, these portals will give you a pleasant accurate temperature reading of where you’re going before you take that step into the teleporter.

These machines also have some exciting other uses as well. With a transport portal, scientists believe they will be able to conduct experiments at CERN – near Geneva, Switzerland – from all over the world by using portals to teleport there instantly!

This idea is an exciting time for science!

In recent years we’ve been hearing more and more about the importance of being environmentally friendly.  Moving through space via portals would reduce our carbon footprint compared to current transportation methods like planes, trains, or automobiles. In fact, by eliminating cars (not everybody has access to personal aviation), getting around could become significantly less polluting.  Cities may become less congested as the number of vehicles on the road decreases and people find more ways to get around locally instead of driving everywhere- imagine not having to commute at all!

There is even the possibility that teleportation could help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.  A new method of transportation means we may no longer need airplanes, cars, trains, or any other mode of transport we currently use. This would be a very positive step toward creating a cleaner future for our planet and its inhabitants.

Of course, this is still a long way off–we would need more efficient energy sources before we could say for sure that portals are the real deal. But there’s no harm in being optimistic!

Although all of these developments sound exciting, they also raise a lot of questions.

The primary question on most people's minds is: what will happen to the transportation industry?

If everyone can teleport around wherever and whenever they want, what will happen to bus companies, train lines, airlines?

These are all valid concerns regarding how our economy might be affected by an influx of transport portals appearing overnight. Perhaps there may be a shift away from transport-related jobs as teleportation technology improves; it seems unlikely that so many jobs in the industry would be wiped out by something like this. It is more likely that there will be a shift in how companies approach transportation rather than an end to ride altogether.

What the future of transport looks like is anybody’s guess–there are many possibilities, but one thing remains true: it will never be boring! Throw away your GPS and pack your carry-on because living life on the portal is about to become the new travel trend.  The teleportation revolution could drastically improve both our personal lives and our planet. All we have to do is step through!

The possibilities are endless with transport portals, from educating students about theoretical physics and quantum theory to reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating city pollution. These portals have something for everyone.

Will teleport travel outpace time travel as the most exciting and efficient method of transportation in the future?

Only time will tell!