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Working at India Transport Portal: The Pros and Cons

Working at India Transport Portal: The Pros and Cons

Working at India Transport Portal has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you have the opportunity to work with a great team of people who are passionate about making a difference in the transportation industry. On the other hand, you may sometimes find yourself dealing with difficult customers or challenging company policies. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of working at India Transport Portal. We hope that this information

What is India Transport Portal and what do they do

Started a few years ago to bring experts, academics, the business community, and public authorities to discuss road safety, the environment, and mobility for purposes of contributing toward policy-making.

  • Integration of transport, mobility, and road or traffic safety is beneficial for the synergy of actions involved and enhances optimization
  • Finding ways to develop socially-equitable, environmentally-sound and economically-viable transport systems is almost impossible
  • Transport policy and coordinated planning of land use help solve issues concerning changes in transport behavior and rising demand for travel due to various processes.

The goal is to limit traffic, speeds, and parking. But, they may impact other measures differently. However, the effects on safety and the environment are negative if the focus is to reduce congestion.

The pros of working at the India Transport Portal.

There are many pros to working at the India Transport Portal. One of the biggest pros is the pay. The portal pays its employees very well, and this is one of the reasons why many people choose to work here. Another big pro is the benefits. The portal offers a wide range of benefits, including health insurance and a retirement plan.

The portal also offers a very good work-life balance. This is one of the reasons why many people choose to work here. The cons of working at the India Transport Portal. One of the biggest cons is the workload. The portal can be very demanding, and this can sometimes lead to burnout. Another big con is politics. They also offer benefits for their employees like medical care.

The portal can be a very political place, and this can sometimes make it difficult to get ahead. Overall, the pros of working at the India Transport Portal outweigh the cons. The portal is a great place to work, and it offers its employees a lot of advantages. If you are looking for a good job with good pay and benefits, then the India Transport Portal is a great choice. The pros of working at the India Transport Portal outweigh the cons, making it a great place to work. If you are looking for a good job with good pay and benefits, then the India Transport Portal is a great choice. Choose wisely!

The cons of working at the India Transport Portal.

One of the biggest cons is the workload. The portal can be very demanding, and this can sometimes lead to burnout. Another big con is politics. The portal can be a very political place, and this can sometimes make it difficult to get ahead. Overall, the pros of working at the India Transport Portal outweigh the cons.

How to decide if it’s the right job for you

When you’re looking for a new job, it’s important to find one that’s a good fit for your skills and interests. But with so many options out there, how can you tell if a certain job is right for you? Here are a few things to keep in mind as you decide:

  • First, consider your skills and qualifications. Does this job require qualities that you have? If not, you might want to keep looking.
  • Second, think about your goals. Does this job align with the things you want to achieve in your career? If not, it might not be the right fit.
  • Finally, take some time to research the company. Do their values align with your own? Do they have a good reputation? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then this might be the right job for you.

Take some time to consider all of these factors before making your decision. After all, this is a big decision that will affect your life in many ways. With a little thought and research, you can find the perfect job for you.

The pros of working at the India Transport Portal outweigh the cons, making it a great place to work. However, it’s important to decide if the portal is the right job for you. If you are looking for a good job with good pay and benefits, then the India Transport Portal is a great choice.


Don’t forget that you’ll be working with lots of people and might be exposed to people who will want to steal your identity and use your personal details to scam people. However, you need not worry as there are many identity theft protection services like IdentityGuard and IDShield. Check these two worthy competitors to decide which one is best for you.

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Rolso transportation

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Transport portals: The Future of Transportation?

Transport portals: The Future of Transportation?

What if you could use a portal to travel the globe without ever leaving the comfort of your home? Transport portals, or teleporters as they’re more commonly known now, are how we’ll be traveling in the future. Some say this is an idea that can’t be accomplished scientifically, but it is entirely possible with quantum physics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity! Join us as we discuss the possibilities of transport portals and what they might mean for our society.


Recently there have been some minor developments in the transport portal field.


The Transport Portal Company – based out of Dallas, Texas – recently developed a prototype machine to create these portals. They are currently working on obtaining funding from investors to produce more machines and make them available to the public soon. Once the product is complete, over twelve hundred transport portals will be available for use around the country.


This company works hand in hand with a research firm known as The Brightman Group.  Meanwhile, The Brightman Group focuses primarily on theoretical physics and quantum physics related to dimensional travel and teleportation. In September of this year, they published a fascinating paper titled “The Theory of Quantum Movement” that proposes the idea of using teleportation as a possible escape mechanism from black holes.

According to this theory, utilizing quantum teleportation may allow humans to “phase shift” out of the way of incoming gravitational forces, thus avoiding fatal impacts. It is interesting to note that according to Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. However, according to the paper, a human being might be able to phase shift tighter than the speed of light due to a loophole in Relativity.

It is an exciting time for transport portals technology. Once complete and funded, travel will become as simple as walking through a portal. Just like grilling with a classic grill and using an offset smoker thermometer to determine the grilling temperature and make sure your meat is cooking properly, these portals will give you a pleasant accurate temperature reading of where you’re going before you take that step into the teleporter.

These machines also have some exciting other uses as well. With a transport portal, scientists believe they will be able to conduct experiments at CERN – near Geneva, Switzerland – from all over the world by using portals to teleport there instantly!

This idea is an exciting time for science!

In recent years we’ve been hearing more and more about the importance of being environmentally friendly.  Moving through space via portals would reduce our carbon footprint compared to current transportation methods like planes, trains, or automobiles. In fact, by eliminating cars (not everybody has access to personal aviation), getting around could become significantly less polluting.  Cities may become less congested as the number of vehicles on the road decreases and people find more ways to get around locally instead of driving everywhere- imagine not having to commute at all!

There is even the possibility that teleportation could help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.  A new method of transportation means we may no longer need airplanes, cars, trains, or any other mode of transport we currently use. This would be a very positive step toward creating a cleaner future for our planet and its inhabitants.

Of course, this is still a long way off–we would need more efficient energy sources before we could say for sure that portals are the real deal. But there’s no harm in being optimistic!

Although all of these developments sound exciting, they also raise a lot of questions.

The primary question on most people's minds is: what will happen to the transportation industry?

If everyone can teleport around wherever and whenever they want, what will happen to bus companies, train lines, airlines?

These are all valid concerns regarding how our economy might be affected by an influx of transport portals appearing overnight. Perhaps there may be a shift away from transport-related jobs as teleportation technology improves; it seems unlikely that so many jobs in the industry would be wiped out by something like this. It is more likely that there will be a shift in how companies approach transportation rather than an end to ride altogether.

What the future of transport looks like is anybody’s guess–there are many possibilities, but one thing remains true: it will never be boring! Throw away your GPS and pack your carry-on because living life on the portal is about to become the new travel trend.  The teleportation revolution could drastically improve both our personal lives and our planet. All we have to do is step through!

The possibilities are endless with transport portals, from educating students about theoretical physics and quantum theory to reducing your carbon footprint by eliminating city pollution. These portals have something for everyone.

Will teleport travel outpace time travel as the most exciting and efficient method of transportation in the future?

Only time will tell!

Why Pellet Smoker is Perfect For Commuters

Do you commute or travel always and you want to pack some grilled dishes? Is the smile that anyone who loves smoked food could ever wish for. How can you achieve this? Probably, you may have been relying on traditional oil grills in preparing your dishes but never achieved the taste. Worry no more because pellet grills are here, just for you! Whether you are a commuter or a traveler things are now easier for you.

But what are pellet grills? This is an electric grilling machine that is fuelled by pellets usually from hardwood. There many terms that usually describe pellet grills. Never mind when you come across such names as, wood-fired grills, electric pellet smokers or wood pellet grills. They mean the same thing. It’s the best outdoor cooking device. Though they use wood pellets, they require electricity to turn on the fan and the digital control board. To use then is very easy. Just put your pellets into the hopper and set the desired temperature you want using the programming device then you can now put your food and feel free to go. The machine will itself automatically control the temperatures you set.

For travelers and commuters, why do you need a pellet grill?

First and foremost, pellet grills give the best flavor. This is the main reason as to why many cooks use this when preparing the barbecue. While using this cooking tool, it usually gives you all the freedom to vary the flavor you want to achieve just by mixing different pellets.

Secondly, it’s so easy to use a pellet grill. Don’t judge by the name imagining how hard it is to use. These tools are the easiest to use than the charcoal and gas grills. Having been equipped with a digital control system, it permits you to set your food and forget with no fears at all For a traveler, loving to eat smoked food while traveling, you can easily load you pellet grill with pellets and put your meat there for some few minutes and it’s done.

More so, you can cook in various ways while using a pellet grill. Having been enabled with temperature control of about 180 degrees and 500 degrees, you can roast, bake or perhaps smoke your food. There is no need of buying both a grilling machine and a smoker. Just acquire one pellet grill and get served with the food you would like to eat while traveling.

Nevertheless, the value is what matters most. Buying a pellet grill means you have both a smoker and a grill at once. Most pellets grills come with grills that are made of stainless steel which means they are long lasting. You can always save more Perhaps you may not be knowing which type is the best, I will recommend Traeger. It has all the features to make you happy.

For travelers, you can now worry no more as a pellet grill will enable you to cook the best-smoked food, flavored for your taste and travel! settled. You can try this recipe: roasted Cornish game stuffed hen that requires 2 tablespoon butter, 1 wild mushroom, yellow onion, a cup of wild rice, 4 hens Cornish, and a quarter cup stranger fins. Pellet grills are there to make you happy while traveling or commuting.

Best Wood Lathe for Your Project

The best wood lathe for the activity relies upon the span of the wood that you will use for the task. Another thought for the right tool to do the carpentry is the region that you need to work with a computer. Diverse wood can offer the Toolsy says some incredible plan capacities to add to your carpentry ventures.

There are three particular sizes for machines. The pen machine is for exceptionally unpredictable little-refined carpentry ventures. You would require a pen machine to work on public highways, unpredictable work that wasn’t possible with a manual instrument. A pen machine would make it conceivable to turn the wood and handle extremely refined little points of interest that would not be conceivable to do something else. A small device takes up a little space and is anything but trying to store without taking up a ton of room in your carpentry shop on
The smaller than the typical machine is the following size up. It is utilized for making axles and other bent outlines on the highways. It enables you to take a shot at ventures that require curved pieces that need turning and forming of the wood while it is being worked into a specific part for a task. The smaller than the standard machine is anything but trying to store and can be kept on a rack in the carpentry shop or your carport when not being used sparing space for other gear and apparatuses.
The most significant size is the floor machine. It is a machine that sits on the floor and works more significant bits of wood for greater ventures. It is still little contrasted with other carpentry hardware yet it takes up more space than the small-scale machine or the pen machine which can be put away on a rack. The floor machine, by and large, is effectively set away.

In case you’re purchasing your first wood lathe, you need to genuinely take the Toolsy says at how much cash you’re willing to contribute. Ask yourself whether wood turning is another pastime or something you have been improving the situation for numerous years. You would prefer not to drop two or three thousand dollars on a wood machine, to choose in fourteen days that you’re exhausted of wood-turning and need to take up another interest.

One of the greatest contemplations when purchasing a machine is the size. Is it true that you are hoping to make pens or table legs? If you need to turn a couple of pens or other little tasks, a pen machine will enable you to do all that you need and are for the most part substantially less expensive than full measuring devices. Marginally greater you have your smaller than usual devices, that can turn little bowls and other little to average sized pieces. A full estimated computer will have the capacity to deal with whatever you toss at it, however when all is said in done are more costly than littler apparatuses.

With regards to brands, you’ll see there’s an extensive variety of costs. This isn’t to state they are fantastic machines. However, the Toolsy says quality control and materials won’t be a same remarkable standard. Chinese influenced mechanisms to have been enhancing in quality and developing in prominence as of late, and if you are searching for a sensibly estimated device, there are numerous great models to look over from

Most Recommended Foods When Travelling

One very important thing to keep in mind when traveling is the food. No matter where you will go, you have to always make sure that you can eat food or try this recipe that you’ve been wanting to try that you will need to survive. It is considered an important feat to get packed on a long journey, and knowing very well the nature of such ordeals, to proceed to actually intend on eating well and healthy through the journey while traveling. This is no mean feat and most people more often than not do not even want to go through the mental pressure and therefore abandon the escapade from the very first thought of it. This is because it requires a very strong mind to follow through. It is nevertheless important that healthy living is upheld, and so the best kinds of meals to carry on a journey.

Fundamentally, planning is an essential part of any trip at all and this will allow the smart use of time. Perishable foods are an important part of any diet and should not be left out just because you are traveling. It is always best to take along a cooler or even mini-freezer with plenty of ice to boot. It is thus advisable to pack vegetables like broccoli and carrots, eggs, sweet potatoes, meat, chicken, and shrimp as well as an assortment of fruits.

Smoked meats are also a very important source of yummy protein especially when you will be on the road, and due to the cumbersome nature of charcoal and wood ovens and stoves, there are now portable and affordable electric smokers around that can smoke meat to perfection. You can check to check some portable electric smokers. These products are really effective and do not cost a lot of space or effort to pack along on a journey. When you have chosen the perfect smoker for you, all you need then is, of course, the meat. If you will be going to camp somewhere far from the hustle and bustle of the city, having smoked meat while having a bonfire is a great idea. Also, non-perishable food like packaged foods can really come in handy when there is an emergency. This is because they do not need to be refrigerated before being ingested and can serve as alternative meals while one is on a hike of away from a place to stay.

Planning is very important especially when you do not want hunger to ruin tour trip. You can also try the food in the places where you will traveling or have stopovers especially the foods that you haven’t tried but always make sure that you have packed foods just in case it would be inconvenient to buy somewhere.

Why You Should Create a Marketing Plan for Advocacies

The fact that advocates have opted for a marketing strategy is not a guarantee of its success. They must take proper marketing plan steps which will make sure that they meet their objective. Remember you are not just speaking to people one on one At the same time, some of the advocating issues might not b in line with the recipients religious, social and cultural affiliations, This is why planning is ideal to avoid misconception of information as well as convince the recipients of the change of heart just in case it is contrary to their beliefs.

The marketing department is the engine of any advocacy group. Any mistake or error in this department means a flop in the entire awareness campaign. The marketing product is the first-hand information and contact with the recipients. Have you seen some viral posts online of a campaign gone wrong? It could be because of misinformation or basically a poor marketing plan. Marketing plan for advocacy is important for the following reasons.

Saves time and money
Without a plan, you will be working on a trial and error basis which means that you will ever spend on a marketing plan which is not effective that means that you just waste time and money. The information may be so urgent such that any time wasted may mean to have a catastrophic effect. Imagine if you have to send information to vacate a place due to a threat of an earthquake.

Reaches to a wider market
Goos marketing planning means that you use the best strategies which will come in handy to make sure that you reach not only the right people but also a wider market. It is the best way to make sure you only concentrate on a strategy which will bear fruit.

Helps in the dissemination of information
The main aim of marketing for an advocacy is to make sure that you are able to pass the information faster and in a timely manner. When working without a plan you will be dealing with unnecessary sideshows which may hinder the dissemination of information.

Can save a calamity or any fatalities
Basically, proper marketing planning means that you just do things right. The long-term effect is that if the information was to reach people faster to save a situation then the marketing tools will be a success since a proper SWOT analysis of the same will be ideal. provides effective marketing strategies.

Enhances timely decision making
During planning, the marketers look at critical points in all the marketing strategies with a thought of the budget and what is workable for the advocacies. This means that you will be able to make the right decision on behalf of the organization to save on any losses.

In marketing, the planning process is the most crucial process in any marketing procedure. Without it, you may make some crucial mistakes which may be detrimental to the entire organization. The loss may be too much to a point that you may not be able to salvage the situation. Why do you have to go through all that when you can avoid by just a simple marketing plan?

Ways to Engage People Online on Transportation Issues Discussion

Advanced technology is the best thing that ever happened to the world. It just makes the world a global village. This era of industrialization has also seen the transport sector experiencing tremendous change. This is seen is the improved road network and also the fact that people can now afford cars which even creates yet another problem which is traffic jams. You will ask your self why you need a discussion on transportation. It is a good avenue for people to give suggestions about the current status of transportation and get insights from it if there are improvements needed. If you also have discovered something on the transport sector, it is also prudent to share information. Some of the ways to engage people online include:

– Social media networks
In social media, of course, you will have friends, relatives, and followers. All these people also have their own circle of friends. That is why information becomes viral in just a few hours from the time you posted. You cannot undereat the power of social media in the dissemination of information. Just in case there is an accident, the information will reach faster to save lives and for drivers to be cautious on such a road. At the same time, there is a storm in an area, it is prudent to share such information to avoid any fatalities. Bigger transportation issues can also be discussed by the people together with the transport sector.

– Marketing automation application
This is not just a tool for corporate marketing. It comes in handy to aid in creating awareness even in the transport sector. It just needs one person to just get the information and within minutes or hours, it will reach a wider area. An example of such applications includes which comes with a comprehensive feature for it. The main feature of this application which can help the transport sector is the fact that they can always create an email campaign with the information and send it to the database as well as share with social networks integrated into the toolkits.

– Instant messaging service
Instant messaging tools can also be a good strategy to give people information about transportation issues. In one way or another, the information will reach the target audience in a few hours. It is just one message which you can also send along with an image or a video for it to be more visual and eye-catching.

– Video conferencing
You have a seminar on transport models and not everyone made a point to attend the conference. All you need is their views, why not opt for a video conference to still achieve the same objective. All relevant stakeholders will schedule a time to participate because after all it is faster, cheaper and you get real-time feedback on the same. It is a simple and effective way of allowing people to have public participation on the transport issues without taking so much time traveling hence even saving on cost. Advanced technology was the best thing that happened to humanity since it made work simpler and effective. You can do everything at the comfort of your keyboard.

Transportation System

BMW has the last laugh; Enjoys market leadership for second consecutive year

Since the time it began selling locally made 3 and 5 Series cars in India from its Chennai plant, BMW India has tasted increasing levels of success. In 2009 it managed to take over as the market leader in the luxury segment from Mercedes Benz, which was the indisputable leader for almost fifteen years. Last year, despite playing second fiddle to Mercedes  Benz for several months, BMW had the last laugh.

Even the models BMW planned to sell in limited numbers, ended up exceeding expectations. The Gran Turismo brought into India as a CBU  (Completely Built Unit) was projected to sell about 100 units. They ended up selling 150.

BMW’s 5 Series sedan was one of the key growth drivers last year.  The latest generation 5 Series arrived only in the month of June at dealerships, and the hot-selling entry-level 520d model wasn’t  introduced till November. In six months, BMW sold 2,403 numbers of the new 5 Series compared to 1,509 old 5 Series models for the whole of  2009, marking a 59% growth YoY.

The same phenomenon is observed with the smaller 3 Series Sedan which clocked 2432 units last year, a 110% growth to the measly 1155  units in 2009. Credit has to go to the affordable Corporate Edition models, which were stripped-down variants of the entry-level models.

Overall growth for BMW India in 2010 compared to 2009 was an astounding 73%.

Mercedes  Benz India, despite losing the crown of being India’s most preferred premium brand, has upped its game. The company recorded improvements in the important segment. It sold 80% more cars in 2010 than it did in 2009. In terms of growth percentages, the battle clearly is won by Mercedes  Benz.

The company’s best-selling model was the E-Class, which clocked  2,490 units, compared to 1,024 in 2009. Mercedes Benz launched the new  E-Class in the second half of 2009, and it has performed strongly throughout 2010. The

C-Class, propelled by the introduction of the new CGI engines and less expensive variants, did 2070 units (2009 = 1579 units) while the best performance was in the SUV category where Mercedes Benz did 523  units (2009 = 140units) and clocked a massive 273% growth. The recent additions GL, R and the steadily running M-Class are reasons for this huge leap.

There is a catch, however. Mercedes Benz India’s numbers are purely wholesale (number of cars dispatched to dealers). On the other hand, BMW  India only publishes retail numbers (number of cars delivered to customers). It’s very difficult to determine how many cars left Mercedes  Benz dealerships, but whatever that number is, it still isn’t enough to hold a candle to what the giant from Munich has achieved in just three years since it landed in India.

Shrawan Raja

BOT road project are frauds: Transporters chief

Challenging the union government to come clean on its policy on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis, All India Motor Transport Congress’ president, said the government policy of private participation on roads projects is full of frauds.

Every year transporters contribute more than Rs 3.20 lakh crore about 25 per cent of country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is more than Rs 11 lakh crore.

“Our concern is that in India in the next few years 777 toll plazas under the BOT are going to start and already 186 is in operation out of which 32 toll stations are those which have recovered the money, but still they are collecting the toll taxes, we are not oppose for paying for maintenance or other charges,” he adds.

“We have written to National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to show how much they earn every day, month and year, but still we have not got any reply from their end, it is high time that government clean this mess and listen to our grievances as we the people on the receiving, Sunil Kale, General Secretary, Bombay Goods Transporters Association said.

The $ 362 million Mumbai-Pune expressway has already recovered the capital amount within six years. But still we have to pay the toll, as the government has signed a contract of 24 years with the private contractors. Collection on the expressway is about Rs 1.2 crore as per day, but the government figure shows half of it, Kale said.

Asking from where they are quoting the figures and information, the chief said, they have got all the information’s from the Right to Information Act (RTI).

Documents given by the association says, the stretches between Panipat and Jalandar where three barriers fall at Karnal, Shambu, Ladwal (Ludhiana), toll rates have increased from Rs 175 to Rs 441, Rs 105 to rs 264 and Rs 160 to Rs 461 for 10 wheel vehicles within 14 months, about two to three folds rise, after NHAI gave the road to M/s Soma-Isolux NH One Tollway, Tolling-Panipat-Jalandar BOT to convert from 4 lanes to 6 lanes.

In the eastern India, more than 29 illegal weighbridge and illegal check gates are located with the distance of 75 kms, the government is not paying heed to any of our complaints, the paper adds.

Toll collection is on between 23 km Panvel to Dronagiri route called NH 4B, which connect JN Port since 2006. The toll is collected by Mumbai JNPT Road Company, a private contractor, and the tolling agreement is renewed every year. The daily collection of the toll is about Rs 20 lakh per day which amounts to Rs 65-70 crore per year. On Satara-Kagal route the toll is highest in the country; there has been an increase of 15 percent to 20 percent every year, Maharashtra Truck owners Association representative stressed.

Take Kshipra-Indore on NH 3, Rau-Dhamnaod route, Chennai-Bangaluru up to Krishnagiri, Dehu Road-Shendra project, Anewadi Toll Plaza, Pune-Satara route and many other routes the overcharging is going on.

The transporters allege that government agencies even give completion letter to private developers before the work is started and start collecting tolls on the basis of the completed project.

The government has also included Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in the new 2008 rule that is applicable even after the projects are completed. The WPI can only be calculated on the incomplete projects because once the project is granted the WPI is taken into consideration.

Every year, close to 1.5 lakh people die and about 4 lakh people are injured on the roads all over India. According to an estimate, due to multiple checkpoints on road more than $2.5 billion of fuel is wasted by unnecessary formalities.

Jagdish Nehul

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