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Founded in 2010, India Transport Portal (ITP) is a leading independent and analysis hub, whose particularity is to bring together academics, experts, business people and public authorities. This platform gathers and involves specialists from different fields on key issues with regard to transportation challenges in India. By offering a large perspective on major strategic challenges facing India, ITP aims to provide a helpful policy-making contribution through its three main research axes: Environment, Road Safety, and Mobility. ITP aims to be an incubator of ideas and a source of forward-thinking for proposed actions on public policies within India, and for all stakeholders engaged in transportation issues in India. For this purpose, ITP relies on independent research and a solid network of internal and external leading expert fellows.

About Us


Thinking strategy

Different groups on our platform study how methods of evaluation and planning tools can be developed and utilized


Choice of solutions

Enhancing communication is a good starting point.


Route building

Revision of road design, standards, operation, and layout improve safety, but encounter various convergences and conflicts in terms of the environment and safety.


Started a few years ago to bring experts, academics, the business community, and public authorities to discuss road safety, the environment, and mobility for purposes of contributing towards policy-making.

Transport policy and coordinated planning

Use help solve issues concerning changes in transport behavior and rising demand for travel due to various processes.

traffic management

The goal is to limit traffic, speeds, and parking. But, they may impact other measures differently. However, the effects on safety and the environment are negative if the focus is to reduce congestion.


Underlines the essence of customizing strategies and policies to specific situations regarding road safety, the environment, and mobility. We also promote the exchange of know-how to support policy-making.