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Founded in 2010 as a leading independent information and analysis hub on Indian transportation, India Transport Portal (ITP) covers critical issues that India faces such as road safety, fuel savings, carbon emissions, transportation infrastructure, sustainable transportation etc.
We strongly believe that all stakeholders should be involved in elaborating a global reflection on the matter; that’s why we chose a multi-faceted approach to tackle Indian transportation issues.
With our in-house team of analysts backed by a network of professional experts in India and abroad, the India Transport Portal team delivers high value material to every Key Opinion Leader and Decision Maker: corporates, journalists, NGOs, academics etc.
India Transport Portal services include:
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India Transport Portal is a transportation industry research firm managed by Digital Bizzline Ltd., a United Kingdom based press and research agency.
Digital Bizzline Ltd. and India Transport Portal are both run by Yves KENGEN. As an international correspondent, Yves works for several newspapers and magazines. His interests are mainly focused on sustainable development, transport and geopolitical issues with a strong commitment to environmental issues.
Yves works with 2 co-workers: Arnaud RENARD and Mathieu PEETERS. Mathieu is building up the India Transport Portal community while Arnaud helps Yves as a Deputy Chief Editor.
Arnaud’s mission is to take care of the overall coordination of ITP Services and manage our professional writers’ team.
Our Professional writers’ team
Business offering
India Transport Portal provides its clients with strategic advisory services in order to better understand the transportation business environment. Our services enable our clients to gain a clear overview from several perspectives such as political, competitive, industrial and technical.
As the India transport Portal reaches a large audience through our website and newsletters, we have set up some tremendous business opportunities and personalized commercial solutions.