Tata Motors Flagship Showroom

Tata Motors is all set to provide its customers across the country with a new experience when buying passenger cars. To demonstrate the company’s commitment to its customers and the car-buying experience, it opened a new very impressive flagship showroom in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. Spread across an area of 4400 sq feet, the showroom is a world of its own.

Consumer experience has always been a top priority among companies. However, the experience does not have to be restricted to the post-sales experience. While service stations and other related user services play an important role, Tata Motors has taken the user experience to a whole new level. The message is a direct one – the customer will be taken care of from the very first step of the car buying process.

Tata Motors’ strategy to create modern showrooms is an intelligent one where customers enjoy a personalised service and have the freedom to customize their requirements. The showroom features certain innovative ideas including a state of the art lounge area for customers complete with wireless internet, a café and a well designed children's play area. The showroom is equipped with high-tech walls fitted with videos that allow customers to choose from the various features they would like in the car that they buy.

In a world where the brand plays a key role, Tata Motors uses the idea of a sophisticated showroom to represent what its offers in terms of brand value. The showroom is key in creating a stronger brand presence for Tata Motors in the domestic and international markets. One flagship showroom is not enough to build the value of the brand and therefore, the company plans to upgrade its showrooms across the country according to the new format; the company has already identified 5 sales outlets that will be upgraded in the first quarter of 2013.

With a new line of showrooms for its passenger cars, Tata Motors has quite clearly raised the bar for customer satisfaction. Though Tata is a popular brand in the Indian automobile market, the showrooms will help enhance customer experience in a major way. A sales office or a showroom can help swing a buyer’s decision.

The initiative of Tata Motors to create a complete buying experience is beneficial to both the company and the buyer. Not only can the customer review the products offered by the company, he or she can also use the interactive interfaces to create their perfect car. The customized experience helps create better communication channels with the company representatives that ultimately convert to better sales.

While the state of the art showrooms are an impressive idea, the customers cannot be expected to base their decisions solely on the experience they may offer. In the end, showrooms only help to better showcase the same products.