ITS India Summit 2013 – June 28

ITS logo - bigUnderstanding new trends and design techniques in Intelligent Transport Systems for successful implementation and solutions for India’s transportation challenges

Event Overview:

With India’s fast growing economy and overall development, the travel needs have increased by a great margin. This has resulted in massive increase of vehicle population and has placed an intense stress on transportation infrastructure. Currently around 30% of the Indian population lives in urban areas. It is projected that India’s urban population would grow to about 473 million in 2021 and 820 million by 2051 as against only 285 million in 2001.

According to the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), there is a need to implement ITS in at least 200 cities and towns across India and the government has already awarded concessions to companies for implementing intelligent solutions in line with its impressive 20 kms a day highway building programme. There is an urgent need to harness the benefits of ITS to enable an improved understanding of traffic trends and offer effective solutions that will help in easing the stress on Indian transportation infrastructure including technologies such as Weigh-in-Motion (WIM), Variable Message Sign (VMS) and Area Traffic Management System (ATMS).

In order to ensure that traffic is managed efficiently and to make sure that the India’s future growth and urban expansion is on the right track, Intelligent Transport Systems have to be implemented. These systems, when integrated into the transportation system's infrastructure, and in vehicles themselves, would relieve congestion, improve safety and enhance productivity.

Keeping these challenges and objectives in mind, Qprosys Events is proud to announce the upcoming ‘ITS India Summit 2013’, taking place in New Delhi on 24th May, 2013. This summit will help understand new trends and design techniques in Intelligent Transport Systems for successful implementation, and solutions for India’s transportation challenges.

Benefits of Attending:

• Learn about new initiatives, projects and techniques to develop a deep understanding of the Indian ITS industry
• Gain insights on systems management, ITS implementation and safety standards to improve quality and sustainability while optimising operations and costs
• Hear from local and international experts to acquire knowledge of the latest trends and technologies to improve the design, implementation and operation of ITS frameworks
• Understand regulatory aspects for ITS implementation and maintenance to ensure you are up to date with industry requirements
• Meet with senior government officials and ITS industry professionals to expand and improve your business connections

Who Should Attend?

Public Sector:
•Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways
• National Highways Authority of India
• Department of Information and Technology
• Ministry of Urban Development
• Metro Authorities
• State Road Transport Authorities
• Municipalities
• Development Authorities

Private Sector:
• Consultants
• Contractors
• Suppliers

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